About Us

COMERCIALIZADORA MERC, S.A. DE C.V., is one of the leading wholesalers of the “Central de Abasto de Iztapalapa”, world`s largest wholesale and retail food market compromising more than 327 hectares.
Our staff is made up of a dynamic team with extensive experience in the food industry and in the food supply chain.
Merc SA has a strong focus on the customer and a good understanding of the needs of its various types of buyers, including: restaurant chains, food industries, distributors and packers, which has forged the loyalty of a growing customer base in all of Mexico.


Our facilities are located in the heart of “La Central de Abasto” in Mexico City (CEDA) in the Iztapalapa district of the Federal District. From this central location and from two ports in the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico, MERC serves its customers throughout the national territory and in some international markets.


Cinnamon – Cumin – Nail – Pepper – Anise – Star anise – Coriander – Oregano – Laurel – Sen sheet

Ling Cod (Norwegian) – Cod Langa (Norwegian) – National cod – Peaches in syrup – Pineapple in syrup

Oats flakes – Amaranth – Wheat – Rice – Quinoa – Chia – Sesame – Sunflower with shell – Pumpkin sunflower – Popcorn – Corn semolina / corn – Bird Seed – Linseed – Turnip – Millet

Almond – Hazelnut – Indian nuts (Cajun) – Walnut – Walnut western – Pinion

Apple – Papaya – Pineapple – Kiwi – Strawberry – Pear – Peach – Apricot – Cantaloupe – Fig – Banana chips – Prune – Raisin – Blueberry – Date

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